Happy National Sourdough Day

It just so happens that I made sourdough English muffins to coincide with National Sourdough Day. Truth be told, it was a total coincidence. I try to make one sourdough thing a week to keep my sourdough starter happy and this week it was the muffins. I never really thought about how English muffins were cooked, but was surprised to find out they’re made on a griddle. I just assumed they were baked like most bread, silly me.

raw English muffins

My English muffins prior to cooking.

I used a King Arthur Flour recipe. King Arthur Flour is my Go To Place for baking. It really was quite simple, but takes a bit of time, so you have to pre-plan. No getting up at 8am on a Sunday and deciding you want home made sourdough English muffins for breakfast. I just tossed everything in my mixer to make the dough and let it rise overnight in the refrigerator to give it more sourdough flavor. I rolled these out in one sheet and used a biscuit cutter instead of making individual balls.

English muffins cooking on the griddle before getting the pan placed on top.

English muffins cooking on the griddle before getting the pan placed on top.

When cooking, I used the method where you cook it on a griddle for 5 minutes, then place a sheet pan on top of the muffins and keep cooking for another 7 minutes to help them lay flat. Then you remove the pan and flip them over, cooking for about another 5 minutes.

The final product -- sourdough English muffins -- using King Arthur Flour's recipe.

The final product — sourdough English muffins — using King Arthur Flour’s recipe.

The final product is really yummy, crunchy on the outside and light on the inside (although not as many nooks and crannies as you see on TV for Thomas’). The only change that I would make is to not roll them out quite as thin. That might give me more nooks and crannies too.

Since you probably won’t have time to make your own today, maybe go out to San Francisco Style Sourdough Eatery in EDH if you’re local.

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